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 electrotechnical specialities

MentaStim Biotrainer Indications:   

Cerebral Paresis -  Moving Problems after Stroke, Early Childhood Brain Damage,

Accidents / Brain Injury, etc.


Palsy ?

Would be happy to go back to normal life? Must take care of family?

Business obligations waiting?

Conservative therapy not very successful?


BioTrainer - based on ultrasensitive Bio-Feedback Technology - has been used for Rehabilitation Training with tremendous success, even by patients who had not

achieved any significant progress after many months and years of standard therapy.

Start moving again !


Start exercising with BioTrainer - your daily training partner at home!

Outstandingly effective, comfortable, easy to use. Complementary

to your regular physiotherapy, can significantly improve your progress.

German product, conforming to all applicable CE quality standards.

Safely operating from rechargeable batteries.

Basic application instruction and ongoing guidance by your physiotherapist.

Approved of and listed by all major German Health Insurance Companies.

Struggling with regular trips to your physiotherapist?-


TeleMedicine :    Training at Home - Guidance by Therapist


BioTrainer is a highly effective device for intensive and frequent training at home,

relaxed and in comfort, still keeping in touch with your physiotherapist: All settings

and progress reports are stored internally for regular evaluation by your therapist.

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